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Fire Department's Public Education

The Public Education Committee continues to be the steering mechanism behind our education efforts. The committee was formed several years ago with the charge to promote educational activities which would better prepare citizens in the event of an emergency. Today, more emphasis is placed on being proactive versus reactive. The goals continue to be preventing fire and medical emergencies before they happen. However, if an unfortunate accident occurs we want our citizens prepared to take proper action. These actions, when correctly performed, will reduce the possibility of injury, life safety and property damage. It is our responsibility to teach people, young and old, about the effects of fire. The following sections detail the many ways we attempt to reach our goals.

Pre-school Educational Programs/Friendly Fire Fighter

This educational approach teaches the young children about fire fighters and fire safety. The presentation consists of putting on a "Friendly Fire Fighter" demonstration, where the fire fighter dons his full turn out gear and explains all the clothing and equipment that is used. Throughout the program, we constantly reinforce the fact to the children that we are still a friend, even though we may look a lot different and may even look frightening. The emphasis behind this presentation is to show the children what a fire fighter looks like when they go into a fire situation. We stress the idea that fire fighters are always there to help them and that they should never hide or be afraid of the fire fighter.

Grade School Education Program

Our grade school education program centers on children in grades 1 through 4 in both public and parochial schools. Every year we develop a program that focuses on the theme from the National Fire Protection Association. This program teaches children on fire safety through the use of props and activities. We are able to introduce new ideas to the children each year because the theme changes annually.

Fire Safety Calendar

The Fire Safety Calendar is created by students in grades 2-5, by drawing pictures pertaining to fire safety messages, i.e., do not play with matches, stop, drop, and roll, dial 911 in an emergency. Once the drawings are completed, 12 of them are picked for the calendar. Photos of the twelve lucky students are obtained, added with their drawing and used to make the cover of the calendar. The completed calendars are then presented to the twelve lucky winners, their families, and their teachers. The calendars are also available to the public.

Scout Safety Classes

Scout groups are taught basic first aid to help them in the event of an injury or sickness. The groups learn through hands on activities. The children learn how to stop/control bleeding, splint fractures, CPR, hypothermia/hyperthermia treatment, and also what to do if a person is in shock.

Senior Citizen Programs

We reach out to the senior citizens throughout the year through a number of different programs. We educate them on EDITH (Exit Drills In The Home), smoke detectors (HECTOR Detector-Helping Elderly Citizens Test Out of Reach smoke detectors), carbon monoxide detectors, portable heater safety, smoking safety, cooking safety, trip hazards and stop, drop and roll (or alternate methods of extinguishing a fire when clothing catches on fire).

Senior Health Fair

The senior health fair is a program where many businesses/organizations set up booths to hand out information to senior citizens about there company. The fire department hands out information on fire safety and injury prevention. Fire department is also there to answer any questions the senior citizen may have.

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